Covid 19 Public Notice

The Editor
Public TV News Channel

Dear Sir,

Couple of days back, on 7th May 2021 there was new clipping in your TV Channel alleging that the Company is concealing the Covid-19 Positive reports of employees and continuing the operations although there are more than 60 positive cases and that the Nelamangala administrative authorities visited the Company and shut down the operations after they came to know about the same.

The news published is not correct and that the Company has not concealed any positive cases and that the employees were subjected to RTPCR Tests through ICMR Recognized Laboratory and the Laboratory sends the positive reports directly to the Government.

As a responsible TV News channel, we expect the channel to take the Company’s views and provide necessary clarifications in this regard for the understanding of the general public.

A copy of the public notice which we propose to publish through news’ papers is enclosed which provides necessary information/clarification on the Company’s perspective.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

For Wintac Limited

Sunil Gundewar